Friday, October 5, 2018

"Event Horizon"

I did the Sketchbook challenge back in 2012. This is just the stages of one of the small paintings I put into the book.  I love abstract, but all my attempts seem to turn into something recognisable, which I'm not entirely sure I'm happy about.  But I like this one.

Taking photos of each layer is huge fun for me, and a part of my process.  It's not only useful reference for me to look back on, but I feel it enhances the final image, to see what lies beneath!

Click images to see larger versions.

First layer: Acrylics over a dull grey ground.  I have no idea why I picked grey, perhaps I thought it was neutral.

Second layer: More acrylics. Applied good and thick to try and brighten the colours.  I was also practising my blending.

Third layer:  Oils.  I started laying down details on the horizon.  I'm not sure if I should have left the image at this point and called it done. The energy of the lines is probably more spontaneous than the final layer.

Final layer:  Oils.  I wanted to give the impression of distant city lights, roads, buildings, etc.  I'm not sure if I lost some of the energy at this point, but hey, it was just a sketch.  "Event horizon" is a title I'd like to develop as a small series.


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