Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sketchbook work

Sketchbooks are fun to work in.  You're not making a finished piece, so the pressure is OFF.  I've just been messing around with drawings and small scale paintings lately.  I find the time it takes to work on a larger piece that I may end up listing for sale is kind of slow. It sucks up my spontaneity. Whilst it can be fun to work on a detailed many-layered painting, sometimes I need to go back to my sketchbooks to rediscover what excited me about getting back into art in the first place.

Here are a couple of bits and pieces.

More exercises from my book by Linda Kemp.  ( I, er, may also have bought her video. Heh.)

Study of ferns using Pilot Color Eno pencils. These are superb quality, and I love drawing detail with them.

Abstracted ferns.  I love abstract drawing.   Sitting down to draw a careful observational study is always good. Abstract artists know how to draw, despite what the layman might think.  However...  I find it deadly dull.  I can draw pretty well, and I can sit down to draw a pretty picture any time.  After I while, I find it a bit soul-sapping though.  And end up just 'playing' with my mark making tools and my colours, like a child.   This is what really gives me joy in art.

And some more leafy stuff. Abstracted.  I used my worn-down Prismacolor pencils for this.  I actually have some brand new tins of coloured pencils, among them the finest that money can buy.  I'm just too damn scared to use them, so the old Prismacolors keep coming out.

I need to do something about this state of terror....

Any one of these drawings could be developed into a painting.  I quite like them all.



  1. The blue and green ferns outlines would make a fabulous fabric pattern!


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