Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Study of Ellowyne Wilde doll

I can't sew at the moment. I'm kinda frozen up, so I've been drawing instead.

Here's the development of the Ellowyne Wilde sketch I did last week. (Click on the miages or open them in a new tab to see larger images.)

First the drawing. Simple graphite on budget watercolour paper.  I love to draw on this:

Next I scanned it onto my computer, played with the contrast, and used a filter to turn the graphite lines and shading blue.   Then I printed it out onto quality watercolour paper, and stretched it on a drawing board.

Then I scribbled over it in Prismacolor pencils and applied some stamps. (I like scribbly drippy backgrounds):

So next, I thought I'd do a dribbly drippy watercolour background.  The thing is, I didn't use watercolour paint, I used my Dr PH Martin's Radiant Inks.  And they don't fade like watercolours, as they dry!  DEspite my using the inks very diluted, this turned out a bit terrifying. I almost completely lost the drawing underneath:

Bravely, I picked out some of the almost lost lines in graphite,  then applied acrylic paints for the fleshtones.  It was a relief to see I could still work on this.

Picking out more of the colour areas. The eyes went a bit googly becasue I was clumsy with the whites of the eyes:

But then I hacked into it with Prismacolor pencils.  These are yummy to use, nice and loaded with pigment. They're great to build up and blend:

So it's beginning to come together.  I don't usually like posting process pictures before the artwork is complete.  That way, I can hide my disasters from the world - and believe me about 80% of my pieces are total fails!

So we'll see how this goes.  Part of me wants to leave it this way. I like unfinished looking art, but the other half wants to at least add another layer of acrylic paint, and use some of my gorgeous gouache colours.  The hair is staying pink though.  I love it this way.

We'll see.



  1. Fantastic to following your process and I think the picture is really strong as it is (though part of me would also like to see where you take it next!) xx

    1. :D Glad you're enjoying. I think I will take it a little further. I have to do some actual work before I can continue with it though. I make myself sew, before I get to pick up my paintbrushes.


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