Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Painting negatively.

When negative painting, you sort of 'underlap' the layers.  That's the word one of my fave artists, Linda Kemp, uses.  It means you can build up a really complex and patterned piece of work.

Here's the progress on the "Jenny Wren" painting so far:

And the "Rainbow Plants" was a bit dull in the background. It lacked contrast, so I punched it up a bit by adding background light, again using negative painting.

Now I just need to add another drawing layer to these, and can call them finished.  Hopefully.  I have such a hard time deciding when a painting is finished.


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Making progress on a few colour studies.

Adding layers to paintings is kinda fun.   I've been negative painting with the first two, which are the backgrounds posted in my previous post.  See if you can guess which they are.

Autumn leaves with wren. Acrylics on paper.

Acrylics on paper again.

And a painting of coloured leaves over a collaged background.

Acrylics and acrylic gouache.  This has been hanging around for a while.  It went through that horrible stage when I thought it wouldn't work, but I trusted my process a bit on this one, and it's beginning to come together.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

In love with colour.

Had fun this weekend with some messy 'starts'.  these will be the underpaintings for some playful drawing and negative painting.  I can't for the life of me stick to a limited palette.  I wish I could, but I just end up fishing out ALL THE COLOURS and throwing them at the canvas.

Golden open acrylics on gessoed paper.  Still getting used the Open acrylics. It's not dissimilar to painting with snot... 

Acrylics with alcohol dripped onto the wet surface, with some over-painting and lifting off of paint with more alcohol. On System 3 acrylic board.

Acrylics on gessoed acrylic paper.  Mark making fun.

Acrylics on gessoed acrylic paper.  Two layers here.  Water spotting and clingfilm appplied to create texture in the second darker layer.

Acrylics on cradled board.  More mark-making.  I find the colours really mouthwatering and exciting.  I have a problem keeping my colours clean, and usually end up with mud. I've been making a concerted effort to correct this of late.

This one is my absolute fave so far.

So much fun it should be illegal.  Self-made collage papers on canvas. Lots going on here.  I finger-daubed some thin glazes of acrylic paint over the surface.

Relatively sedate.  Pallet remnants applied as a loose wash over unprimed watercolour paper.  Note how clean and not-muddy the colours STILL are.

Sometimes I fall in love with initial layers, and can't bring myself to work over them.  We'll have to see how these go.


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Experimental drawing

I'm so drawn to messy leaves, plants and weeds.  I love hedgerows and tangled undergrowth. I have no idea why, but it gives me joy.  I'm also yearning to be able to paint in a semi-abstract way, more intuitively, so I embarked upon this layered drawing to try and develop something of my own.

Click on the images to see them larger.

Here's the first layer.  Water-soluble  pastels on plain white paper.  I use clear gesso between my layers.

Next, More water-soluble pastels. I love using these, the colours are so spontaneous and easy to apply.  I started out trying to keep a restricted palette.  Epic fail.  I always end up throwing ALL THE COLOURS at my work.  Le sigh.

I also realised that trying to divide up the image in a sort of loose grid was a mistake.  But hey, it's just an experimental drawing.

Here, I added more colour to the negative (background) image. Again with water-soluble pastels.

Lastly, Out came the new coloured pencils, and I laid in colour over the positive image, the leaves and stalks. I made another mistake here, and damaged to overwork the clear gesso in this layer.  So everything went slightly grubby and the colours are less intense in the photo than they look in real life.

Still, there are some lovely bits and pieces to be picked out.  Using a small image view - just a negative rectangle cut out of card - I found some nice ideas to work on and maybe enlarge as more abstract drawings.

Ima try again.  Watch this space.