Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Boxing Day drawing

I've been at this for a few months now, and feel like I'm only just being able to paint the kind of things that I want to paint, and that lift my soul.   Broad passages and blobs of colour don't seem to be working so well for me. I have to battle the acrylic paint.   It dries too fast to blend well, and I really don't like transparency in my paint.

Yay for acrylic gouache and Posca pens.  :)

I have tried oils, and while they're beautiful, I don't handle them very well.  I also lack space to be able to set out paint thinners and brush cleaner et al.  So it sorta has to be acrylic.  The Open Acrylics have the texture of sticky snot, and are still transparent. So they'll take some time to get used to.

But back to blending broad areas of colour, I can never seem to make the shapes I want and end up doodling without concentrating fully.  I find these staccato marks; dashes and small blobs, are more successful. They make the painting lively and give it movement, like pointillism, and the Van Gogh style of painting.  These marks, along with the staccato mini-scribbles I love to do, also depict the feel of light through leaves and plants quite well.

Drawing in acrylic paint and Posca pens.  I'm quite please with the feeling of light and shade in this.

I just love using paint markers, and have ordered some empty ones with some Golden High Flow acrylic to mix my own colours.


Friday, December 14, 2018

Sunset Foliage

"Sunset Foliage"

Acrylic wash, with acrylic gouache, negatively painted.

Still on the negative painting kick.  Loving it!

I'm enjoying the complementary colours, and have several ideas on where to take paintings like this.


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Actually managing to finish some things.

The large "Rainbow Plants" painting is finaly done.  It has lots of layers, which I love, but I often end up making my paintings really labour intensive.  I guess that's what it takes when you love painting leaves, weeds, undergrowth, etc.

I love how it turned out though.  Really rich colours.
Mixed Media: Acrylic paint, collage, acrylic gouache, and coloured pencils.

And a slightly smaller drawing where I was just playing with my pastels and pastel pencils.  This has acrylic paint, pastel pencil, soft pastels and coloured pencils.

Also, here's a sort of start of something.  Abstract is so hard!  I basically just love to daub, and find it so hard to get anything looking like some kind of composition.  I think pattern is more my forte, but I keep on experimenting.

This is just a few layers of acrylic paint, and is a bit aimless at the moment.  Perhaps it will end up with a drawing over it.