Sunday, December 9, 2018

Actually managing to finish some things.

The large "Rainbow Plants" painting is finaly done.  It has lots of layers, which I love, but I often end up making my paintings really labour intensive.  I guess that's what it takes when you love painting leaves, weeds, undergrowth, etc.

I love how it turned out though.  Really rich colours.
Mixed Media: Acrylic paint, collage, acrylic gouache, and coloured pencils.

And a slightly smaller drawing where I was just playing with my pastels and pastel pencils.  This has acrylic paint, pastel pencil, soft pastels and coloured pencils.

Also, here's a sort of start of something.  Abstract is so hard!  I basically just love to daub, and find it so hard to get anything looking like some kind of composition.  I think pattern is more my forte, but I keep on experimenting.

This is just a few layers of acrylic paint, and is a bit aimless at the moment.  Perhaps it will end up with a drawing over it.


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